Commissioner Extends Jamie's Conservatorship

February 14, 2008 By:
Commissioner Extends Jamie's Conservatorship

The hearing is over and the Commissioner in the Britney Spears' case extended her father Jamie's conservatorship until the next court hearing, which is scheduled on March 10, 2008.

So basically here's what went down: Brit's conservators still have the power to handle her financial issues and Britney will have to undergo a "730 Evaluation," which has to be turned in at their next hearing.

Doucebag Lutfi is still in hiding and hasn't officially been served with the restraining order yet. The next hearing for the restraining order is set for February 22. Too many dates, not enough space on my day planner! All this Britney drama is seriously getting overwhelming!!

Update: This is weird! A lawyer in NYC has filed legal papers asking the court to have Britney's conservatorship case be taken out of the L.A. County Superior Court. Where did that come from? Stay tuned...