Child Services to Britney's Bodyguard: Get a Life!

July 1, 2010 By:
Child Services to Britney's Bodyguard: Get a Life!

Britney: 1, Fernando: 0! Britney Spears' name is 95% cleared.

Child services visited the pop star this week after her former bodyguard Fernando Flores claimed she beat her son with a belt and fed them foods they were allergic to. And they basically came to the conclusion that Fernando needs to get a life and stop making up lies.

Child Protection Services Visits Britney

"It doesn't matter who has made the claim, or how outlandish it may seem. During the visit by officials, there was absolutely no signs of abuse. The boys are happy well-adjusted toddlers that love their mama and Britney is fiercely protective of them.

"The investigation is 95 percent complete and no further action will be required. All that is essentially going to be done at this point is for the paperwork to be finished and then the case will be closed."

A source close to Britney and her family tells TMZ, "The allegations made by Fernando Flores are absurd."

Britney Accused of Sexual Harassment By Fame Hungry Bodyguard

The source adds, "Flores was never an employee of Britney. He was never an employee of the Spears family. He worked part-time for a security company."

This guy was just looking for his 15 minutes and a quick pay out. Unfortunately for him, he'll never work for another celebrity again. Nice try, d-bag!