Child Protection Services Visits Britney

July 1, 2010 By:
Child Protection Services Visits Britney

You can run, but you can't hide--from Child Protection services that is. Britney Spears got an interesting visit from Child Services yesterday.

As Hollyscoop had originally reported, Britney's former bodyguard Fernando Flores has filed a sexual harassment case against her. In the suit he also claimed that Britney hit one of her boys with a belt and would often feed them food they were allergic to.

Britney Accused of Sexual Harassment

His claims may or may not be bogus, but Child Services didn't take the comments lightly.

A Spears family insider tells Radaronline, "Social workers visited Britney's house recently about the alleged abuse allegations. Under California law, anytime anyone makes a report to child protective services, a welfare check is required to be made under law to further investigate."

Brit's bodyguard Flores is described to Radar as "an opportunist seeking his 15 minutes of fame. Flores is a former disgruntled employee that is trying to take advantage of Britney."

Sure, Britney’s not mother of the year, but she loves her boys too much to hit them. We call bullshit on this stupid bodyguard! What do you guys think?