Celebrity Round-Up: It's Rag Mag Wednesday!

May 30, 2012 By:
Celebrity Round-Up: It's Rag Mag Wednesday!

Snap! Bang! Pow! We’ve got the headlines. It's Rag Mag Wednesday, baby!

It’s all about Jessica Simpson this week, whether we like it or not. The photos of her newborn baby daughter Maxwell are in People magazine finally, and all the other guys are following on their coattails… Jessica’s baby weight… Jessica’s mom… Prepare yourself for Jessica overload.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are engaged if you haven’t heard yet. This week you’ll find plenty of info on their celeb-spotted engagement party. Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Adams, and some of the old ‘NSYNC mates were all in attendance.

And, of course, it’s bikini season, so we’ll get plenty of health tips from our favorite stars. ABC's “Duets” premiered last week and Kelly Clarkson was looking slimmer than we last remembered her. She’s getting a lot of headlines as a result.

Add to that Britney’s early “X Factor” woes, Demi and Ashton making up, some more J.Lo and Casper news (because we know how much you like that), and you’ve got yourself a solid Wednesday.

Take a deep breath, folks… Stay calm… Here are the headlines.


“Jessica Simpson Baby Bliss” – Jessica Simpson’s $800,000 baby pics are in. Maxwell is cute, chubby, and surrounded by a fairy tale land of a nursery room.

“Britney On The X Factor, How She’s Coping” – Britney Spears is the most popular judge on a singing competition show ever. And everyone’s hoping she fails miserably.

“Justin & Jessica’s Engagement Party!” – Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had a lavish cocktail party with 100 guests that are more famous than your mom.

“Cannes, Behind the Scenes” – Look at all the fabulous stars having a fabulous time in the fabulous French Riviera.

US Weekly:

“Kelly Clarkson, How I Lost 30 Lbs”- Kelly talks about her simple diet and plugs her new show “Duets,” which – let’s face it – is going to need all the publicity it can get.

“Wow! Beyoncé 60 Lbs Thinner” – Wow! Beyoncé lost a lot of weight and she is announcing the news during her live concerts.

“Simon Panics Over Britney” – Simon is second-guessing himself after hiring a judge who has a tendency to “zone out.”

“Kim and Kanye, The Real Deal” – Eww, gross… Kim Kardashain and Kanye West are making kissy faces at each other again… This time at Cannes.

In Touch:

“101 Stars Without Makeup” – A glimpse at some stars as they appear rolling out of bed in the morning. Snooki, Demi Lovato, Shakira, Jessica Alba, and Rihanna are all still smoking hot.

“Justin’s Wedding Details” – Italian shoreline… Parisian designer wedding dress… It’s an inside story on what to expect on Timberlake and Biel’s wedding day.


“Jessica’s Amazing Weight Loss” – Ok! Couldn’t get the baby pics, so they’re sticking to the weight loss story. She’s already lost 20 lbs and is using Maxwell in her workouts… Weird.

“Kourtney Kicks Scott Out!” – Kourtney K got pissed when her baby daddy showed up super hung over to a Kardashian Sunday brunch.

“J.Lo to Casper: You’re Cut Off!” – The sugar mama has cut off her young lover of from his $10K-a-week allowance taking the “M” in MILF to a whole new level… God, I hope this is true.

“Pippa, Moving to Beverly Hills” – Kate’s maid of honor is moving from one superficial locale to the next. She’s sick of people looking at her so much.

Life & Style:

“Super Slim Downs” – Summer time, peeps! Time to whip out the bathing suits. Kelly Clarkson and Khloe Kardashian will tell you how they got into shape.

“Demi & Ashton, Emotional Reunion” – Ashton Kutcher apologizes to Demi Moore at a party for being a bad husband. Already there are rumors that they’re getting back together… she just changed her Twitter account!


“Kourtney & Scott, The End” – Ugh.. More Kardashian drama... Scott’s past comes to the surface and Kourtney can’t take it anymore.

“Justin’s Steamy Love Letters” – Justin Timberlake's first girlfriend shares some of his love letters that are as sappy as the lyrics to an ‘NSYNC song.

“Jessica’s Mom, A Third Wheel” – Jessica Simpson is frustrated because her mom Tina is way too involved in her life. Everyone wants a piece of Maxwell Drew.

National Enquirer:

“Half-Naked in Bed” – Katie Holmes is pretty jealous of the handsy models that are all over her man in the latest issue of W Magazine.

“Bachelorette Emily’s Tragic Baby Heartache” – Emily Maynard didn’t tell her NASCAR star fiancé Ricky Hendrick she was pregnant before he died in a crash and it’s really eating at her.