Britney's 'X Factor' Contract: I Want Fried Chicken and Snickers Bars!

May 22, 2012 By:
Britney's 'X Factor' Contract: I Want Fried Chicken and Snickers Bars!

Stars can get a little crazy with their contracts. But, when they’re already crazy before the pens come out, their paperwork can end up looking like an episode of “SpongeBob Squarepants.”

Britney Spears is the topic of interest. Information on the “Sometimes” singer’s “X Factor” contract was leaked today and in it are some peculiar requests.

Fried chicken, Snickers bars, and Diet Coke are all reportedly mentioned in the formalities. Spears allegedly requested daily supplies of fried chicken, the legs and breasts specifically. She also put in a demand for 12 Snickers a day and 24 cans of coke to wash it all down with.

(Her food requests are likely for friends and family members as Spears will be on a strict diet during taping.)

The details of the addendum are in addition to the $15 million she will be getting paid for her first season on the show. A source told UK’s Closer magazine that amount is on a per-episode basis.

“Insiders say the deal Simon has struck means he's only paying her per episode,” the source said. “So if she's not performing, then she'll be replaced, just like Cheryl Cole was last year.”

Spears also reportedly wants a 24-member support staff that has nothing to do with the actual show. She doesn’t want “random people approaching her” that haven’t been given her approval or touched by her greatness.

One of those 24 staff members will be a spiritual adviser, who will mostly take up space and add to whatever delusional sense of reality that the blonde-headed diva is experiencing at the moment.

This information proves what we already know: Britney is pop culture royalty.

But that’s why we love her!

Other reported amendments to the contract include potato salad, Doritos, designer clothes, and 12 vases of magnolia blossoms. Requests including bath soaps made from moon rocks, a Titanic replica as her trailer, and a pet unicorn have yet to be confirmed.