Britney's Peeps Pissed At Legal Fees

March 7, 2008 By:
Britney's Peeps Pissed At Legal Fees

Well, someone has decided to wake up! Britney Spears conservators are reportedly really pissed at the legal fees Britney has been asked to pay for her custody battle with Kevin Federline.

Apparently, Brit's peeps will go do court on Monday to fight for the lawyers fees which are ridiculously high. The conservators are gonna try to convince the judge that this is a simple custody case and these inflated fees are not necessary.

Mark Vincent Kaplan has asked Brit-Brit to pay his lawyers fees which have totalled up to $500,000 within a 5-month period.

This case is anything but simple! It could have been simple if Britney's life didn't get all sorts of complicated. We've seen it all from Britney this past year.