Britney's Manager on Tour: It's Pretty Intense

March 3, 2009 By:
Britney's Manager on Tour: It's Pretty Intense

Britney Spears fans across the globe are counting down the days, hours and minutes until the comeback queen makes an appearance in their city.

Spears is set to kick off her 'Circus' tour tonight in New Orleans, Louisiana and her manager Larry Rudolph assures fans it's going to be the "biggest production ever launched."

“We ran the show twice yesterday until 2 or 3 in the morning, and it was amazing … perfect,” Rudolph told Ryan Seacrest during his KIIS-FM radio show this morning.

“She goes full- speed the whole show – about an hour-and-a-half. It’s pretty intense.”

He adds: “There’s only one time where it slows down - with two ballads in the middle. This is a full-blown, full-out Britney Spears show. It is a pop extravaganza. It is everything everybody expects from her — and more!”

So how will this tour be different than Spears' previous concerts “There are so many highlights to this show,” says Rudolph. “The costumes are amazing. It’s the biggest production out there and maybe the biggest production ever launched. We have circus performers, aerialists, dancers, martial artists — we have all kinds of things.”

You would think someone like Spears would be used to a big production like this, but he insists she "has this nervous energy."

"She’s got this way of channeling it,” says Rudolph. “I’ve said to her before that if you were on a football team and you were going to the Super Bowl, they’d want you to be their quarterback. When it comes to game day, nobody brings it like she does. She takes that nervous energy and turns it into the most amazing show.”

Check out Rudolph's interview with Ryan Seacrest below. Have you gotten your Britney tickets yet?