Britney's Kids Don't Know Where Mommy Is

January 28, 2008 By:
Britney's Kids Don't Know Where Mommy Is

K-Fed's first baby mamma Shar Jackson insists that Britney's kids Sean Preston and Jayden James haven't seen their mother all month and have no idea where she is. They apparently haven't noticed that Mom hasn't been around for a while, which is beyond sad!

“They’re babies, you know, they don’t really know,” Shar Jackson told Us Weekly. “Of course, all kids say, ‘mama,’ but they don’t really know [where she is].”

Jackson added, “They have a lot of positive people around them, so they’re good. The kids all spend a lot of time together, but I’m not trying to take anybody’s place.”

On why she chose to remain civil with K-Fed after he left her for Britney,
“It could have gone really bad, and we could have become enemies,” she said. “A lot of people choose to do that, but I don’t have time for that. Life is way too short, and we’re not promised tomorrow, so I don’t want to go out and have bad feelings with anybody.”

It's pretty sad that Britney's kids not only don't miss her but have basically forgotten about her. I give it another three months before she gets knocked up with Adnan's baby.