Britney's Dancers Get Regular Drug Tests

December 9, 2008 By:
Britney's Dancers Get Regular Drug Tests

In an effort to help keep Britney Spears clean and sober, her father Jamie now requires that all her backup dancers get tested for drugs regularly. Good morning, here, pee in this.

"They all had to be drug tested and, if they didn't pass, they were fired," the insider says.

Jamie knows that Britney's going to be spending a lot of her time with her dancers, especially with her tour coming up, so he wanted to make sure he got rid of all negative influences around her.

While it's a good thing he's going to such great lengths to keep this daughter sober and clean, Britney is under such strict supervision it's only a matter of time before she rebels and breaks loose. The girl can't even make a phone call before getting it cleared with her father first.

Last month her father fired one of her bodyguards for allowing her to make an "unauthorized" phone call. Do you guys think it's necessary to keep her under such strict control or is it a recipe for disaster?

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