Britney's Dad Is Moving In

February 7, 2008 By:
Britney's Dad Is Moving In

In an effort to try to help his daughter, who is clearly out of control right now, Britney Spears' dad Jamie Spears is reportedly going to move into her Beverly Hills home.

Jamie and her mother Lynne weren't exactly thrilled when they found out Britney had shacked up with her pap boyfriend Adnan just hours after leaving UCLA psych ward. Jamie called the police and went to the Beverly Hills Hotel last night looking for his troubled daughter. Sometime around 11PM, Britney was reportedly back at home with her parents and Adnan.

A source tells Life & Style, "The doctors decided that as long as she's taking her medication - which she has been doing - Britney is no longer a threat (to herself). Jamie begged the doctors to keep her in longer. He was very disappointed with the decision.

"So Jamie decided to move into the house with her and look after her. And that's good for now, because Britney wants her daddy."

The only way they're going to get Britney to stay home is if her parents and Adnan all move in. She has a problem with being alone, which is why she's always hotel hopping. I want to be positive and hope that her parents can help her get well, but its hard when she's always running away.