Britney's Conservatorship to End Soon

December 7, 2009 By:
Britney's Conservatorship to End Soon

Thanks to Britney Spears's father Jamie, Brit has completely changed her life around. Her career is back on track, she has custody of her two boys again and for the first time in years, she's actually dating a nice guy.

But Jamie's control over "Britney the person" could come to end soon. Jamie has met with Britney's lawyers and wants a judge to review the conditions of the original conservatorship agreement now that her tour has wrapped up.

According to TMZ, there have been “several lengthy meetings recently between the lawyers and the court commissioner in the commissioner’s chambers."

But it's not as easy as just ending the conservatorship. Brit will have to see a "capacity expert," which will be a court-appointed psychiatrist, who will evaluate Britney and submit his results to the court commissioner.

Even if a judge and the capacity expert believe she's ready to regain control of her personal life, "Britney the business" will still remain under Jamie's control.

TMZ reported: “There are actually two conservatorships - one over Britney, the person, and the other over Britney's business affairs. We're told the business conservatorship will likely continue. The issue on the table is whether to end the conservatorship over Britney, the person. Again, no decisions have been made, but it's all moving in that direction.”

She's come a long way in the last year, but Britney tends to take her freedom to a whole other level. We hope she's ready for this because men like Sam Lutfi are waiting in the sidelines to weasel their way back into her life.