Britney's Conservatorship to Come to an End

March 10, 2009 By:
Britney's Conservatorship to Come to an End

Britney Spears has made such great progress in the last few months, her father Jamie is considering ending his conservatorship, so she can "resume full control of her life" again.

"Britney is in a terrific place right now," a source tells "She absolutely loves being back on tour."

Britney's family and management team were concerned about how she was going to be able to handle her tour, but so far she has handled it extremely well.

How well? According to the report, her father will not accompany her for the entire tour, which will ultimately lead to the end of his conservatorship.

"This was the plan all along, to slowly get her back to the routine of her life, it (the conservatorship) won't last longer than it needs to," the source said.

"Success will be achieved when this conservatorship ends, and Britney is ready to resume full control of her life."

Sources who spotted Britney in Miami yesterday said she looked "really happy and healthy."

She was in high spirits while shopping at Merrick Park Mall in Coral Gables and later retreated to the Mandarin Oriental hotel pool with her boys to get some much-needed R&R. What a difference a year makes! Do you think Britney's ready to be on her own again?