Britney's Big Fight WIth Adnan

March 3, 2008 By:
Britney's Big Fight WIth Adnan

Britney Spears apparently got into a HUGE fight with her pap boyfriend Adnan Ghalib after she found text messages from other women on his iPhone.

According to The Sun, Britney got so pissed that she threw his phone in the pool.

Britney reportedly grew suspicious after she saw two separate video clips of Adnan out and about with other women. When she confronted him about it, he tried to win her heart over but that’s when she took his phone and saw text messages that he should have probably erased.

“Britney lost it and started yelling.

She was demanding to know who sent the texts and shouting, ‘What’s this about? You’re cheating on me’. ..Adnan said the girl was just a friend, but Britney got more and more angry. Then she told him, ‘That’s it. It’s over’.

Unfortunately, Adnan is such a sweet talker that he persuaded her to see him again. Jamie has put everyone on check; it might be a good time to put this dude on check too.