Britney Visits Santa Barbara With Adnan

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Ok, that was enough of a Britney break! Not only did Brit-Brit make her way to Palm Springs this weekend, she also managed to go to Santa Barbara. Note that Palm Springs and Santa Barbara are in complete opposite directions of one another.

Anyways, in the video you see Britney not wearing any pants walking around the balcony puffing on cigarettes while her paparazzi dude just sits there. If you watch the video carefully you will notice that he looks at the camera a few times. I wonder if he was the one who tipped his fellow paps off on their whereabouts.

Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting that people close to Britney are urging her to enter a mental hospital. She might not even have a choice if she ever wants to get custody of her kids again. Apparently, unless she gets in-patient treatment for her bipolar disorder she will not get custody but obviously Britney isn't having it. She doesn't want to go to a mental hospital, which is why she has "pulled it together, at least on the surface."

UPDATE: The first video was pulled from YouTube, but you can still view it HERE.
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