Britney To Be Released Tonight?

February 2, 2008 By:
Britney To Be Released Tonight?

Britney Spears might be released tonight after her 72-hour hold is up. Apparently, security is beefing up at the hospital prepping for her release.

Her docs are gonna do a final evaluation for her today before they give their recommendation to the Commissioner before he makes his decision.

Sadly, from what I'm hearing I don't think we should expect her leaving the hospital a brand new woman. I actually think situations might be worse now because of her family situation.

Sam Lutfi is definitely taking his Howard K. Stern role really far bashing Britney's family to the press. He went as far as calling them hillbillies.
Sam is not a good person and close friends of Lutfi tell us that his actions really don't surprise them because his is the king of con artists.