Britney the Dance Instructor: Part II

March 5, 2008 By:
Britney the Dance Instructor: Part II

Britney Spears has traded gas station visits and late night rendezvous in hotels for being a dance instructor at Millennium Dance Studio in LA.

Last month Britney held a small dance class for a group of little girls and she loved it so much she held another free class for a group of 15 kids on Tuesday night.

"I like Britney,” 5-year-old Elissa Bouganim, who has taken three classes with Britney, tells People magazine. “Today, first we were dancing slow, and then faster and faster ... Then we did the fish-move and lots of other fun things."

"It's just amazing to watch Britney with the kids," says Elissa's mom, Pam. "Elissa won't stop dancing now, that's all she wants to do. Britney has really inspired her."

Isn't it refreshing to see Britney act sane? Thank you daddy Spears! Now if only he can get rid of those nasty brown boots she insists on wearing everyday, all will be well.