Britney Spears Trial: Prescription Drugs and Meth Caused Her Breakdown

October 19, 2012 By:
Britney Spears Trial: Prescription Drugs and Meth Caused Her Breakdown

As the Sam Lufti/Britney Spears trial continues to trek onwards, we’re all reliving the “old” Britney Spears aka pre-“X-Factor”, back when she was wearing wigs, bashing people with umbrellas and dating paparazzos.

So like, “fun Britney,” is what I’m saying.

Sam Lufti is suing Britney for unpaid wages, essentially, and is suing her mom for writing in her book “Through the Storm” that Lufti drugged Britney. The trial kicked off yesterday and if what Lufti says it’s true, Britney was a HOT HOT mess.

Remember when Britney Spears had her huge breakdown (the head shaving, the 5150 hold), well according to her former manager Sam Lufti in his lawyer's opening statement in court yesterday, Britney’s meltdown was brought on after Britney OD’d on amphetamines.

Britney had an amphetamine prescription filled earlier that day, took 6 to 8 pills right off the bat and then took several more later in the day and just lost it!

Britney had reportedly been popping pills for 36 straight hours, with zero sleep, and locked herself in a bathroom.

Sam also stated that one time he requested that drug sniffing dogs search Britney’s house. In 2007, the dogs found a hidden back of crystal meth and Britney admitted it belonged to her.

Apparently Britney’s infamous head shaving was brought on because she heard that drugs could be detected by testing hair (it can) and shaved her head so she couldn’t be drug tested.

Lufti’s lawyer said in court yesterday “Most of the things that went wrong related to [Britney’s drug] habit.”

Now I understand why Britney basically just gives two-word answers on “The X-Factor." Drugs are bad for you, kids.

Britney isn’t expected to show up for the trial, but her lawyers and the Spears family will present their opening arguments today.