Britney Spears' Trainer Reveals Intense Workout and Diet Plan

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Britney Spears' Trainer Reveals Intense Workout and Diet Plan
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Britney Spears’ new song “Work Bitch” is a bit of art imitating life.

With the announcement of her new Planet Hollywood residency, Britney is prepping for a full-force comeback, which includes whipping her body into shape.

In a Q&A, Britney’s trainer, Tony Martinez shared with Hollyscoop how he’s getting her into peak physical condition for the big show, from her intense protein-heavy diet to how many calories she burns while dodging the paparazzi.

You can read it in its entirety here…

Hollyscoop: Britney has been very vocal about having you as a trainer.

Tony Martinez: She is too kind. Too kind. She is very sassy, but too kind.

Let me start at the beginning. How long have you been working with Britney?

I have been working with her right now since February.

So pretty much since she knew she was going to be doing this huge Vegas show?

Yes. We work out three to four times a week for about 15-30 minutes each session.

Do you work with her on her diet or just her workout?

We do everything. Smart nutrition is half the battle. I help her understand portion size and the difference between healthy and not healthy foods. 

Describe a typical workout with her.

I like to integrate sports because she is an exceptional athlete. We will go to the tennis court. By the way she has a Serena serve.

Can you give me a rundown of her diet?

Basically, I am just trying to up her protein level. She is doing so much with rehearsals and with me and she does not have a lot of time. We try to make sure that she has between 75-80 grams of protein a day.

Are there any foods that you restrict her from eating?

No. Not right now because she is burning so much right now. She is rehearsing from three to five hours a day for this Vegas show. She wants to be really, really ready for this show. People do not understand that she is performing for an hour and a half to two hours without a break. The dancers behind her, they take a break. Her only break is a quick change where she has to go and change into a different outfit. 

She started in February. Did she start training with you because of her residency?

I trained her for the Madonna video, so I have been working with her on and off for some time. I also helped her with her rehab on her knee. The thing with Britney is that we have to make it fun. I am not one of these people that are yelling and screaming. We joke a lot. I change up her workouts all the time. Britney gets bored very easily. Very easily. One day we will box. I am still trying to get her surfing. I am trying to get her out there.

Is her dance choreography for Vegas as intense as the workouts you do with her? 

Absolutely. Wow. I don't know how she does it. She is always complaining "God I am getting old! I have to keep care of myself because of these dancers half my age." Her dancers see how hard she works. She is really a hard worker and she does not get enough credit for that.

Do you ease up on her knee because of her dancing injury?

That is the reason that she does this is because my specialty is rehab. We do a lot of rehab exercises. Britney does not have a lot of time. My motto is "Work out smarter, not longer." Being a mother and so busy, she is always in meetings and is always so busy. I make sure to get 15-30 minutes in tops. She is always "are you sure?" and I am like "trust me." That old school method of walking on a treadmill for hours and hours does not work. We want to make sure to do more interval training and functional training to help her burn more muscle fiber. The first thing I said is let's make a schedule. Whatever time it is, we will do it. It fluctuates from time to time, but we make sure to stick to the schedule, because it works.

Aside from sports training, what other types of exercises do you do?

I make her climb a fence. I say, "Pretend the paparazzi are coming!" She is like, "Why am I climbing this fence?" She will climb the fence left-right-left-right four times and by the end she is huffing and puffing. She is always like, "You got me."

Where are these workouts?

Sometimes we will go to a gym. But the gym is not my thing. My workouts you can use anywhere, anytime. We like to do our workouts outside. She loves that. 

Is it hard with cameras following her all the time?

It is hard sometimes with that. She likes it that we can go anywhere, but at the gym paparazzi are always there. We go by her home or at a park or at a beach. As long as no one knows where we are.

Is she tough on herself?

Britney is a huge perfectionist. She wants everything to be just right. She wants everything perfect. She has amazing drive and is always willing to work hard. 

Are you stepping up the workouts or will it be consistent from now until she is done with Vegas?

We step it up every time we work out together. She is always talking smack to me like "This is all that you got? This is it?" She is always very sassy with me like "Bring it on. I'm ready. This is all you got?" She wants to be so ready for this show. It is going to be so hard on her with this show dancing the entire time. And singing! People don't understand that she gets no bathroom breaks. She is going non-stop. The lights are on you and she is sweating a lot. She wants to be hydrated. We are doing very much functional training but interval training as well, so her reps are very minimal. Maybe 10-20 second reps and then we go right away again. She is doing this to prepare.

She sounds like a superhero.

She is tough. She really is. When I talked to her in February I was like what sports do you like to play. She said she played a lot of softball, basketball and gymnastics. I was like "I have an idea" lets do a cartwheel squat. She is like "whaaat?" So she does a cartwheel squat and I have the boxing gloves on her and she does a combo of 1-2-3. She has been through all of the workouts. She gets so bored with the boring exercises. She can do those in her sleep. When you challenge Britney, she likes that!

Does her boyfriend workout with her?

He doesn't workout with her. He is always like "This is her time." He is very supportive. He is like incredibly supportive of everything that she does, but recognizes that our workouts are her time and lets us do our thing.