Britney Spears to Join X-Factor?

February 22, 2012 By:
Britney Spears to Join X-Factor?

With every new day comes a new X-Factor judge rumor. Now Britney Spears has jumped on the bandwagon, y’all. Actually this rumor might be true because Britney Spears is actively seeking out Simon Cowell to get him to hire her.

Good, that girl needs a non-singing job. Well, one could argue that her “singing” career is actually a “non-singing” job, amiright!?!

Anyways, a source close to the pop star has revealed to Us Weekly that Britney really wants to join the judges’ panel on X-Factor and has reached out to the show.

Basically when she heard that Paula Abdul was fired, she was like, “I LOVE Pepsi. I can fill that void.”

I actually would LOVE to see Britney on X-Factor. American Idol has J.Lo, The Voice has Christina Aguilera, so it only makes sense to round out the Holy Trinity of 90’s pop stars by adding Britney to the other mega-talent show.

Other music icons in talks to join the show include Janet Jackson. Sources confirmed to Us Weekly that she was considering joining the show. Janet gave an interview to Anderson Cooper and when he asked if she was joining the judging panel, she giggled like an idiot, and if I learned anything from elementary school it’s that you giggle when you want to conceal a lie. “What?! I do NOT have a crush on Ryan!” *giggle giggle*

Fergie has also been rumored to be joining the show, and personally I think Fergie is the best choice to become a judge. She’s loud, outspoken, and she can actually sing.

Who do you want to join the X Factor judges’ panel?