Britney Spears Talks Marriage With Jason Trawick

April 6, 2011 By:
Britney Spears Talks Marriage With Jason Trawick

The third time might just be the charm for Britney Spears. In a recent
interview, Spears gushes about current boyfriend Jason

"We have such a great time together," Spears tells Us Magazine. "He makes me laugh, and
we are so comfortable being ourselves."

If I'm remembering Chaotic correctly, all it takes to make Britney
laugh are body parts that resemble other body parts. So I'm guessing the
proposal will go something like:

TRAWICK: Hey, check out my chin. It looks like an elbow!

BRITNEY: HAHAHAHAHA, stop, I can't breathe! HAHAHAHA! Marry me.

As far as a wedding goes, Spears says, "Maybe. Never say never!"

A family insider confirmed to Us that the two will probably be walking down
the aisle.

"[Trawick] was one of the only people who stuck by her through everything.
[Marriage] is what they talk about and the direction they're going in."

I imagine being married to Britney Spears would be the most exhausting
thing. For one, you've gotta constantly make sure she's on whatever pills
she's been on since she stopped wielding umbrellas at cars.

Then you say
something she doesn’t like, and she turns into "meltdown Britney"—her eyes
get really wide, she grabs at a razor and threatens to shave her head. You
just back away slowly, saying you don’t want any trouble…