Britney Spears Says Her Dad Saved Her Life

August 30, 2011 By:
Britney Spears Says Her Dad Saved Her Life

Ever since her very public, head-shaving, umbrella wielding meltdown, Britney Spears has been spending time trying to get her life back on track. Namely, that meant making her dad, Jamie, her co-conservator.

Now, according to an insider, which I’m going to pretend isn’t Jamie Spears, Britney is so grateful for his intervention.

“Britney now recognizes that if her father hadn't stepped in and taken the action he had, well, Britney is now crediting Jamie for saving her life.”

He gets a lot of criticism for taking over his daughter’s life and getting paid for it, but you gotta admit, Britney’s made a pretty huge comeback. Sure, half the time, she looks like a confused puppy with no clue what’s going on. But she’s been playing in front of massive, sold out crowds, and people are going bananas over her performances, which usually involve a pole dance or two.

The source told “Britney's relationship with her dad is in a very, very good place right now. She was extremely emotional backstage before leaving the VMAs and kept telling her daddy how much she loves him.”

Britney picked up the Michael Jackson Vanguard award for lifetime achievement at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

"Britney is on top of the world right now. She is getting ready for the next leg of her world tour, which will be on September 22 in Moscow. Her father will be with her for some of the European performances, along with her mom."

Part of the reason behind the complete vapidity behind Britney’s eyes might be the fact that she lives a completely guarded life now.

“I can be pretty guarded with my personal life and I've learned that's okay. I think your personal life is your personal life, and that should stay private," said Spears.

I get that. But one of the perks of having a meltdown is nothing you do surprises people anymore. While the rest of us have to bite our tongues and be polite, crazy people like Charlie Sheen can literally say whatever they want and everyone chalks it up to him being bat sh-t insane. Lucky bastard.

In the end, it looks like Spears made a comeback with her career, but the music industry has been rather hard on her. Still, she says if her kids wanted to get into the industry, she’d let them, but she’d be overprotective.

"I'd definitely keep an eye on them, but if that's what they wanted to do then I'd let them go after it.”