Britney Spears Relationship And Wedding Still On Says Source

August 22, 2012 By:
Britney Spears Relationship And Wedding Still On Says Source

Are Britney Spears’ feet getting a little chilly under that “X Factor” judges' table?

The rumor mill is spinning out stories that the “Criminal” singer is having second thoughts about marrying her fiance Jason Trawick… But those rumors are not panning out.

A source close to the singer-turned-judge tells Hollyscoop that Britney’s wedding plans are still on strong.

“This is a non story,” the source said. “She is busy with ‘X Factor’ and has been, and the show goes until end of the year.”

The source continued, saying that rumors of a Hawaiian wedding were spun from nothing but a family vacation.

“There never was a possible wedding in Hawaii … That was just a vacation -- all is fine and they are happy and she is enjoying ‘X Factor,’” the source continued.

Spears will likely hold off on nuptials until after production on the show finishes. Having wrapped in December, if last year’s “X Factor” season schedule is any indication, we could be seeing wedding bells in early 2013.

According to People magazine, rumors that the couple had stumbled on a rough patch sparked when Spears was spotted outside of court without her engagement ring on. But that too has a logical explanation…

“She took it off during an Elizabeth Arden [photo] shoot and Jason was holding it for her,” a source told People. “He simply forgot to give it back until later."

Earlier this year, In Touch magazine also reported that Brit put the wedding plans on hold due to her increasing frustration with his “controlling ways.”

“She gets so angry with Jason when he tells her what to do,” a source told the gossip mag in March, adding, “When they work together, they fight nonstop.”

Trawick acts as Britney’s talent manager in addition to her husband-to-be, handling the business end of her career. No word on the temperature of his feet.