Britney Spears Picks A Wedding Date, Dad Ends Conservatorship

January 24, 2012 By:
Britney Spears Picks A Wedding Date, Dad Ends Conservatorship

'Congratulations, honey, here's your life back.'

Britney Spears' wedding to Jason Trawick has just been given a (rumored) date and location. The couple will reportedly tie the knot on Valentine's Day (February 14 if you're not good at holidays) in Maui.

And the best part of it all? Spears' dad has a very special gift for her: the end of her conservatorship. Almost as good as a waffle maker.

Britney's finances were placed under her dad, Jamie's control for the past four years-ever since she went head-shavin', umbrella wieldin' crazy back in 2008.

“Jamie wants to go to court in early February so Britney will be a free woman in every sense when she marries,” a source says.

MTV UK is speculating that the conservatorship might remain for her business affairs, but Britney will regain control of her personal wealth. So basically, her dad still gets all the money from her hugely successful Femme Fatale album and tour, and Britney gets…I dunno, residuals from Chaotic?

But anyway, let's get back to the wedding. This will be Britney's third time to tie the knot. Remember that “marriage” to her childhood pal Jason Alexander that lasted a whopping 55 hours? Alexander recently called Britney's engagement with Trawick “fake.” I guess because it doesn't involve an authentic drive-through chapel and all.

Trawick proposed to Spears in December of last year, texting the big news to his friend and Access Hollywood host Billy Bush.

“Yes were are engaged,” Trawick said in the text, adding that he was “over the moon.”