Britney Spears Opens Up About her Dating Life

November 25, 2008 By:
Britney Spears Opens Up About her Dating Life

She's baaack! Britney Spears graces the cover of
Rolling Stones magazine once again. It's not as scandalous as her previous cover but it's definitely a cute girl next door Britney which we like to see.

Britney opens up about her non existent dating life and her main focus right now. Read the tidbits below:

On her life right now: "I feel like an old person now...I do! I go to bed at, like, 9:30 every night, and I don't go out or anything."

On bad dating experiences: "Right when we got there, we just knew it was just bad," she tells the magazine of a recent bad date. "He looked like an older version of Harry Potter, but skinnier. … So I had to get dessert first.

On another bad dating experience: "And the other date I had, the guy was really, really tall and a lot older. … We're trying to ask him questions, like, 'OK, you're into martial arts, so what kind of martial arts are you into?' And he was like, 'Oh, all kinds.' "

On her kids learning bad words: Jayden and Sean P "are starting to learn words like 'stupid,' and Preston says the f-word now sometimes," she says. "He doesn't get it from us. He must get it from his daddy. I say it, but not around my kids."