Britney Spears Opens Up About Life with Her Boyfriend

December 3, 2013 By:
Britney Spears Opens Up About Life with Her Boyfriend
Image By: Warner Brothers / Michael Rozman

Britney Spears looked happier than we’ve ever seen her on “The Ellen Show” today, talking about her boyfriend of eight months David “Guy Who Lived On The Same College Dorm Floor As You” Lucado, how they met, who approached who, how long they waited to text—all the girl talk goss.

Ellen, who’s the queen of prying without making it look like prying, got Britney to dish the following:

–      She and Dave were first introduced at a party

–      “My friends brought me up to him,” Britney said

–      He’s not in the business and it was an “instant” attraction

–      Britney “maybe waited three or four days, I don’t know”

–      Ellen was not buying her “I don’t know,” to which Britney Jean admitted, okay, FINE, she waited like a day

–      She’s in “love” with him because “he’s very passionate and funny and sexy”

–      They had a “tiffy” just the night before because he forgot to call Britney back for “a really long time” (“Like, six hours.”)

It was a surprisingly watchable segment of the interview with a subject who regularly appears cagey when asked about her personal life: