Britney Spears On-Time For Court Hearing

May 6, 2008 By:
Britney Spears On-Time For Court Hearing

It’s Britney Spears’ big day in court today. It’s so big that she’s already there! Britney arrived to court with her mom, dad and super lawyer Blair Berk. For a change, she actually arrived dressed decently and even before Kevin Federline. The driver took her to an underground parking lot so no one takes pictures of her. What a change a few months can do!

Britney is in court for a “progress review” today but its unlikely things will change in her custody battle with Kevin. Even though she’s spent that last few months acting like a normal person chances are that the arrangement will not change because she’s still under a conservatorship.

"As long as Britney remains under a conservatorship, she has a long way to go before the court views her as a capable mother," some L.A. attorney that’s not involved in the case told People Magazine.

But this custody case has been anything but ordinary so we’ll see how it turns out. Britney seems to have a great support system so hopefully she’ll be able to see her kids more than the current situation. She is their mother after all!