Britney Spears' Lip-Sync Cover-Up

October 21, 2013 By:
Britney Spears' Lip-Sync Cover-Up
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There’s a cover-up in the works over at Planet Hollywood, according to a source over at Confidenti@l.

The site writes of a “cheat sheet” that’s making the rounds at the resort, prepping the staff on how to respond to all of the media’s stories suggesting Britney Spears will be lip-syncing during her Las Vegas residency. Just think of this insider FAQ document as a kind of lip-syncing for the hotel as a whole in a way.

Answers that employees are being trained to give include:

–      “Yes! She will be singing live!”

–      “Certainly she will be singing live!”

–      “Yes, all vocals will be live!”

–      “No, lip-syncing will happen at the show.”

These are then followed by some fine print in the “special notes” which indicate that the employee would only be half-lying here because: “All vocals will be pre-recorded.” The “live” band “will be pre-recorded also,” with special instructions to “try and stay in the margins of the provided answers and refrain from elaborating replies.”

Then again in music, “pre-recorded” is a fine, blurred line. A singer can still be singing over (or under) the track and use this as a working definition of “live.” Chalk this up to a creative use of semantics; it’s not like anyone said Britney was going to perform her residency “acoustic.”

Rumors of these canned responses originally surfaced in September, when a source said at the time, “Once Britney actually gets to Planet Hollywood everyone will have to sign confidentiality agreements, but right now I can tell you the answers we’ve been given to any and all questions are extremely sugar-coated.”

For weeks now, Britney’s team has been refuting any report that insinuates she won’t be singing at her two-year residency, which kicks off on December 27.