Britney Spears Leaves Personal Message for Her Gay Fans

August 16, 2011 By:
Britney Spears Leaves Personal Message for Her Gay Fans

Britney Spears loves her fans, but she loves the gay ones more.

Britney left a personal video message on the website for Ascension Party, an events company that hosts an annual beach bash on NY’s Fire Island. Unfortunately BritBrit can’t make the festivities this year so she left the message:

“I hope you all are having an amazing time at this years party. I wish I could be there but I’m on tour right now. So get ready to rise," says Britney in a video message that was 2/3 video clips from “I Wanna Go” and about 10 seconds of Britney actually talking.

I’m surprised Britney isn’t making Fire Island a stop on her Femme Fatale tour, since my gay friends are the only people I know still going to Britney concerts.

“I love you guys and I love all my gay boys,” she says in the video message. Duh, everyone loves gay boys. My gay best friend in college was the first person to tell me that I needed to stop wearing uggboots. Thanks Stephen.

Apparently Britney’s tour has been going well, but her opening act Nicki Minaj is no longer going on tour with her.

Brit tweeted, “Sooooo sad to see the absolutely fabulous @NickiMinaj leave the #FemmeFataleTour! You will be so so missed girl. Tear :( -Brit”

However, Britney still has her opening-opening act Pauly D and his DJ set (lol) and now Nicki Minaj has been replaced by Joe Jonas as the opener for Britney’s European leg of the tour.

In more Britney news, the MTV VMA’s have decided to do a Britney Spears tribute at this years show. MTV bosses say, “Britney will be at the show and we’ll be paying tribute to her. She was having an incredible year and she is so beloved by the MTV audience that we started to think what could we do that would be a different experience (from years past)."

And MTV knows how to do tributes, remember the Michael Jackson tribute show of 2009? Awesome.

Honestly, I think other people doing Britney tributes might be better than the real thing. Sorry Brit, but I think I’d rather see Beyonce and Rihanna do Britney than see Britney do Britney.