Britney Spears: I'm Not Sad Anymore

June 18, 2009 By:
Britney Spears: I'm Not Sad Anymore

Britney Spears has had one heck of a life. She rose to fame at such a young age, had her downfall and is now back on top again. And she's not even 30!

Spears admits however that while she was on her downfall a lot of people, including herself, didn't think she would make it and would never would be on top again. Boy was everyone wrong!

“A lot of people thought I wouldn’t make it. People thought I was finished, didn’t they?” Britney says.

“I guess for a while last year it looked that way. Nothing I can do about the past. But I’m hoping to prove them wrong now. And I have really put everything I have into this new show.”

Britney also admits that she was very sad for a while, which was probably the cause of all that drama these past few years. But don't worry because she's very happy now!

“I’m not sad any more,” Britney says. “I was just so sad for such a long time, but not any more. And you know what? That feels really, really good. I’m happy. Truly. I feel like the girl who has it all. I have my family, my boys, my friends, my fans, this show.”

Britney definitely does have it all right now and it really is thanks to her father who stepped in at the right time and helped his little daughter get back to the top.