Britney Spears: I am a Strong Woman!

December 29, 2009 By:
Britney Spears: I am a Strong Woman!

Britney Spears has come a long way since her breakdown in 2007. And she has her father to thank for it.

Britney admits that she feels like she is in such a great place in her life right now and she just takes one day at a time and doesn't let the little things bring her down.

She said: “I’m learning to take better care of myself and not get stressed or down about things for nothing. I’m taking my time these days and not letting myself get under any pressure other than to just feel happy about myself and to work on my music.

Britney also wants to prove to the world that she is a strong woman and this is just the beginning of the things that she wants to accomplish.

“I want to show people I am a strong woman. I have a lot of great things ahead of me that I want to accomplish," she added.

“I feel positive and much happier, things are looking good again. I’m learning to relax and not place so much pressure on myself.”

The Britster also says that working on her recent album ‘Circus’ was what really helped her to move forward with her life.

She said: “I’ve been through a lot and I’m really excited by my album. I’m very proud of it. I really enjoyed the process of putting the album together and it’s been kind of therapeutic for me. Music is such a huge part of me.”

Britney was definitely the best comeback we have seen to date. Lindsay Lohan still has hope!