Britney Spears Has Mad Money and Mad Bills

October 11, 2012 By:
Britney Spears Has Mad Money and Mad Bills

She’s super loaded but don’t hold it against her or anything.

It turns out Britney Spears has a whole lot more cash than you might expect tucked away in designer purse. A new report details the extent of her net worth along with all the bills she pays out on a regular basis.

According to TMZ, documents filed in the “Crazy” singer’s conservatorship case claim that, as of 2010, Britney had $32 in assets.

However, according to sources connected to the case, that number leaves out some big ticket items. That, and it doesn’t include her $68 million-earning Femme Fatale tour in 2011 and her $15 million “X Factor” contract.

But, she’s not letting that cash collect too much dust in her bank account. In fact, some of the numbers on Brit’s bills from 2010 might surprise you…

For starters, she paid ex-husband Kevin Federline, over $25,000 a month in child support… Keep in mind, even with her bloated salary, that number’s right up there with big leaguers like Tom Cruise who pays Katie Holmes $33K a month for Suri.

Also impressive is Brit’s $19K rent and her water bill, totaling another $2.2K each month. Better stop taking those day and a half long showers, girl!
Here’s a complete list of the pop princess’ expenses that TMZ has published:

Child Support and Care: $303,673.72
Cleaning expenses: $27,265
Personal grooming and wardrobe: $61,295.12
Automobile expenses: $59,351.92 (and she didn't even buy a car that year)
Rent for Calabasas house: $19,000 a month
Electric Bill: $5,629.43 in just one month
Gas Bill: $1,841 in just one month
Water Bill: $2,278.27 in just one month

Even with the conservatorship, Britney reportedly had nearly $15 million on hand for expenses in 2010 alone.

All that money and she doesn’t even have a sex tape!