Britney Spears Has Cellulite

April 30, 2013 By:
Britney Spears Has Cellulite

Britney Spears has cellulite. In other news, the sun rose this morning and will set again tonight.

Britney Spears, like every woman before her (except the freaky 1% of the population and/or women under the age of 13) has cellulite and you can look at it.

Cool. See it? It’s there.

Britney was caught going to the gym (in a very strange gym outfit by the way. Plaid short shorts? A tank top with lace trim? A necklace?) and unfortunately for Brit, the paps got a good look at her leg meat.

Hey, even supermodels have cellulite! Leave Britney alone!

Britney is being proactive and has been seen hitting the gym nearly every day these last few weeks. She's doing a good job, but let's not get carried away like this "source" who told E! News, “Britney’s looking so great, because she has been on a total fitness and workout kick recently. She’s all about it.”

Well, Britney-Spears-Going-To-The-Gym-Photograph…until we meet again.