Britney Spears Glee Episode In the Works

April 22, 2010 By:
Britney Spears Glee Episode In the Works

The Madonna Glee episode worked out so fabulously, that now Britney Spears’ people want to do it for her!

The all-Madge episode that aired this week, including music only from the Material Girl, was huge in the ratings, pulling in over 13 million viewers. Britney’s manager Adam Leber definitely took notice, and now wants his superstar client to get Gleekified too.

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Leber took to his Twitter, using Britney’s name @Britney Spears, and asked his followers, “Do you guys want to see a Britney Spears episode of GLEE?”

He also tried making it a trending topic on Twitter, writing, “#BritneySpearsGLEE.”

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Of course we’d love to see this happen. And since Brit is so good on TV (she was genius on How I Met Your Mother!) we’re hoping for a cameo too!

Keep this trend going Gleeks!