Britney Spears Gives Pauly D a Lap Dance

August 12, 2011 By:
Britney Spears Gives Pauly D a Lap Dance

If you’re going to a Britney Spears concert sometime soon, be sure to bring some ones with you, because it’s basically a strip club now.

Last week, Spears did a pole dance for her boyfriend Jason Trawick. This week, she gave Jersey Shore’s Pauly D a lap dance. Complete with a pink feather boa, she climbed on top of the star and then put Pauly D’s head between her legs. And that’s exactly where a douche should be. I kid, I kid. I actually think Pauly D is pretty cool. Yes, I said it. I like one of the Jersey Shore stars. It feels good to come out.

Earlier in the month, Spears donned a sexy leotard and welcomed Jason Trawick to the stage to pole dance for him. Halfway through the performance, Spears broke, giggled and said to the audience:
“He’s never coming back!”

Pauly was handcuffed to a pole throughout the performance, with a huge ass grin on his face. He later tweeted:

“Wow, just got a lap dance on stage from Britney Spears.”

The two were at the Bell Center in Montreal. Pauly D is now spinning for six dates in Spears’ Femme Fatale tour. Pauly told Us Weekly,

“Britney is one of my favorite performers and certainly one of this generation’s most influential artists. [The Femme Fatale] tour is an amazing platform to connect with my fans around the country.”

In addition to recruiting Pauly D, Britney has been busy getting ready for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. She recently produced a thirty-second promo that features her music as well as tunes from Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Madonna. The video’s director, Jahai Brightly, said he was going for a “muse factory” feeling. Brightly said:

“It’s where all your favorite artists that are going to be at the Video Music Awards this year meet and explore their influences and inspirations.”

Spears was nominated for Best Pop Video and Best Choreography for Till the World Ends. The MTV Video Music Awards will air August 28.

Another singer that Spears has had an influence on is, oddly enough, Barry Manilow.

The ‘Copacabana’ singer revealed that his new album, 15 Minutes was inspired by Britney’s personal struggles.

“When we started writing, it was when paparazzi were driving her crazy. She couldn't live a life," Manilow told Parade. "[Spears] was the epitome of the price of fame."