Britney Spears Gives Boyfriend Jason Trawick A Chubby Onstage

August 3, 2011 By:
Britney Spears Gives Boyfriend Jason Trawick A Chubby Onstage

She wants to go all the way, and apparently, she almost did--onstage in NYC.

Britney Spears performed at Nassau Coliseum on Tuesday night, and a special guest took the stage—her now longtime boyfriend, Jason Trawick. Spears was dressed in a sexy leotard and fishnets as she seductively danced with Trawick tied to a stripper pole.

Trawick smiled and laughed about it, as Brit adorned him in a pink boa. She pole danced through her song, Lace and Leather. Halfway through the performance, Britney laughed, then said, "He's never coming back."

Spears has been dating Trawick since 2009. In April, she hinted that he may be "the one."

"We have such a great time together," Spears said. "He makes me laugh, and we are so comfortable being ourselves."

And when it comes to marriage plans, Spears laughed, "Maybe. Never say never!"

Another surprise guest at Tuesday night's show? Kanye West.

The world's sexiest clown, Nicki Minaj, was performing, when she kept looking backstage. Finally, the first few beats of Monster played, and Kanye West came out. After the song, Kayne smiled to a roaring crowd and Nicki finished her set with Check It Out and Super Bass.

New Yorkers got quite the show last night.