Britney Spears Getting Back Into Superstar Shape

August 31, 2012 By:
Britney Spears Getting Back Into Superstar Shape

So we all know Britney Spears used to be one of the hottest pop acts on the planet. She was both talented and hot and the dream woman in literally every man’s fantasies. Then she became the Britney we know today which is a little less hot and a tad bit crazy.

But it seems like Britney’s "The X-Factor" gig was exactly the comeback move she needed because the pop star is starting to resemble her former self.

Last night, Britney tweeted out a gasp, bikini photo, showing off a cute bandeau style green bikini, her super tan, and an almosy-as-buff-as-it-was-in-2001 body.

Now, if this twitpic belonged to Kim Kardashian, it would be angled and edited and highlighted to showcase the popstars best features, but this is Britney Spears who probably still uses a blackberry and doesn’t know how to pronounce Instagram.

Since Britney joined “The X-Factor” she hasn’t had to be in popstar shape, but the singer will be appearing in a new music video with very soon.

When saw the photo he tweeted at her, “OMG, You’re looking fit and hot. Can’t wait to shoot the video to our song. Your fans are gonna love it.”