Britney Spears' Ex Nanny Testifies About Meth

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Britney Spears' Ex Nanny Testifies About Meth
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So the Britney Spears trial is happening, and it’s basically turning into a case of “who remembers how insane Britney Spears was during 2007 the most?”

One of the most enlightening bits to come out of the trial was that Britney Spears was reportedly doing meth. I mean, some people had their suspicions, but Sam Lufti flat out said he found a bag of meth in Britney’s home once and she apparently admitted that it was hers.

Well, thanks to the cameras of TMZ, they just spoke to Britney’s former nanny, a woman named Leah Frand who claims she worked for Britney from the “time she shaved her head to when she was hospitalized,”

so exactly the period of time when she was crazy. Perfect.

Leah says Lufti was a “low life loser” and a “wannabee in every sense of the word” and Leah says if there was any meth found in Brit Brit’s home it was because Lufti planted it there on purpose.

“I have never seen meth in that house or any type of drug,” says Leah.

While we applaud Leah for being all pro-Britney, there is NO WAY that Britney’s behavior in 2007 was a result of naturally occurring mental illness. Something else must have been up.

However, Leah went on a rant about Sam Lufti:

“Sam you’re a loser, you’re a low-life, get over yourself, you’re a nobody. He’s not a life coach, he has nothing about his name…I don’t care what anybody says about him, he’s not a manager.”

Dayum. And she had these famous last words, “Any person would go psycho to have Sam Lufti in their life.”