Britney Spears Didn't Demand Jennifer Lopez Money

May 29, 2012 By:
Britney Spears Didn't Demand Jennifer Lopez Money

Britney Spears is currently facing a fresh round of media accusations that claim when she was originally approached to take the judges chair on this season of "The X Factor," she demanded to make more than Jennifer Lopez did on her first season of "American Idol."

Spears is said to have specifically requested to make $20 million, a bit larger sum than the $12 mil JLo scored. Its yet to have been proven that Spears was actually interested in going head to head in a battle for the fatter paycheck with the Latin pop (media) sensation.

An source connected to "The X Factor" tells Hollyscoop it's just not true.

It has has been widely publicized that Spears actually landed $15 million -- no idea who decided to throw the extra deuce her way, or for that matter, why… Maybe she could throw her co-judge, the severely less compensated Demi Lovato, a few extra bones?

Can we maybe let up a bit and give Spears the benefit of the doubt here? Let’s consider the possibility that she's got a lot of stuff to pay for? Weddings aren't cheap y'all.

Regardless, with all this drama: show vs. show, judge vs. judge, potential mental breakdown vs. the same and now maybe even diva vs. diva -- does anyone even care who’s going to perform on, let alone win the title for "The X Factor?" Or more specifically, can anyone even remember the premise of show at this point?