Britney Spears Court Case Dropped By Judge

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Britney Spears Court Case Dropped By Judge
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Sam Lufti’s lawsuit against Britney Spears has just been dropped.

The judge was all like “stop wasting my time, there’s no case here.” I’m paraphrasing, but yeah.

Sam filed a lawsuit against the Spears’ claiming that Britney’s mom had defamed him in her book, Brit’s dad attacked him, and Britney breached a management contract claiming that they had a verbal agreement he would represent her for four years and that Brit owes him nearly $1 million in unpaid wages.

It’s all over now. The judge says Britney never gave “reciprocal assent” to pay Lufti 15 percent of her income for those four years.

And whether or not Jamie assaulted Lufti, the judge said, “he has not presented clear and convincing evidence that Jamie Spears acted either with intent to injure him.”

The whole case played out like a game of “Tell me your craziest Britney Spears story.”

I guess the defense was trying to prove that Britney is crazy and not to be trusted, which is why she owes Lufti money, but basically the whole case was just re-hashing old tabloid stories.

Lufti claimed Britney had meth in her house. He claimed she shaved her head to dodge a drug test. Her parents claimed she was acting crazy, not because of drugs, but because Justin Timberlake broke her heart. Yeah, that one was stated in a COURT OF LAW, people! Tax dollars were spent so that claim could be made. 

Sam Lufti reportedly said he would appeal the judge’s decision. This means we might have to deal with this mess again in a few years. Uggghhh.