Britney Spears Cost $300K a Year to Keep Safe

December 15, 2011 By:
Britney Spears Cost $300K a Year to Keep Safe

How much are you worth? For Britney Spears to have a 365-day security detail it costs her $303,900. However, Britney is now in the throes of a lawsuit with her former body-guard supplier, Advanced Security Concepts Corporation (ASCC), who claim that she owes them nearly a half-years worth of payments.

Here are the details: Britney's former bodyguard who worked for ASCC, Fernando Flores, claimed Britney Spears was sexually harassing him.

He also claimed that she "broke wind or picked her nose," tried to lure him into bed, and was generally unhygenic. Flores claimed that it caused him so much psychological damage that he sued her for $10 million.

So anyways, once he did that, Britney fired the security detail company and wont pay them $141,625 for the services that are due to them.

Basically, Spears' contract with ASCC said that even if their services were terminated that they are obligated to a full years worth of pay, but since Spears is butt hurt over Flores calling her a farting sexual deviant, she wont give the company the rest of their money.

Also, Team Spears is asking that ASCC cover her legal expenses in the lawsuit, which doesn't make any sense. Basically, Britney is like "You can sue me, but you have to pay for my lawyer to defend myself." Naturally, ASCC is refusing to pay.

Oh Britney, still not quite back on the wagon.