Britney Spears Causes Vegas Bidding War

January 17, 2013 By:
Britney Spears Causes Vegas Bidding War
Image By: Splash News

Despite Britney Spears’ constantly sedated disposition while on “The X Factor,” she apparently still has what it takes to headline a residency in Vegas.

Britney is heading to Vegas to begin a Celine Dion-style stint and now we’re learning that 3 different Vegas hotels are caught up in a bidding war to be the spot to land the Britney show.

At first Britney was in talks with Caesars to set up shop at their theater where she would perform several nights per week AND make daily pool and club appearances.

Now, two other Vegas properties are in the waging war and according to TMZ, Britney could be making up to $100 million a year with whichever hotel she decides to go with.

The Cosmopolitan or Planet Hollywood would be a great fit for a Britney residency as well, but what do I know, I can only afford to stay at the Hooters hotel when I go to Vegas. SO WHAT! WHO CARES!

There were some reports that Britney signed on the dotted line with Caesars, but that’s totally untrue. Britney is currently weighing her options.

Do you think Britney can handle doing several nights of shows for at least a year, if not longer? you think Madonna/Mariah Carey/Jennifer Lopez are super jelly that Britney got a residency before they did? The answer is, DEFINITELY!