Britney Spears Bans Her Dancers from Drinking

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Britney Spears Bans Her Dancers from Drinking
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For those questioning Britney Spears’ commitment to her Vegas residency this December, this detail should allay any fears you have that she’s not taking this whole Planet Hollywood thing seriously.

The singer, who's been leading a sober lifestyle since completing a stint in rehab in ’07, refuses to let her friends drink alcohol at her dinner table when they dine out—a policy that created an awkward situation while having dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles yesterday evening.

While waiting at the hotel bar with her boyfriend David Lucado and six friends/backup dancers, Britney insisted that her entourage leave their unfinished drinks behind and move to the restaurant area.

A waitress, not understanding why, then brought one of the partial drinks back to her table, which is when one of Britney’s friends had to then send the alcohol back to the bar. Britney’s life is just a carousel of misunderstandings! A comedy of errors! Who needs to drink when dining with Britney can leave you all confused and jumbled anyway?

TMZ reported that the embargo on booze in Britney’s presence is “too much” to handle sometimes, so when she called it an early night, her dancers hit the bar hard.