Britney Spears And Demi Lovato Glow At San Francisco 'X Factor' Audition

June 18, 2012 By:
Britney Spears And Demi Lovato Glow At  San Francisco 'X Factor' Audition

Britney Spears continues looking good for the cameras in front of "The X Factor" signage as she and an equally fashionable Demi Lovato arrive in San Francisco for more auditions.

Looking statuesque in a Lorena Sarbu gold mini dress and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, a composed Brit was all smiles on the red carpet. Demi donned a bit of sparkle on her shoulders in a jacket with silver fringe that gave way fom grey to black, the color that made up the rest of the TopShop ensemble that also included a tight black skirt and a bustier top with a sheer black over lay.

It’s possible that Brit might still be feeling a bit of shine from the uncharacteristically positive press she’s gotten lately, from both her fiance's private declaration
of pride in her accomplishments (made very public), and Jamie Lynn’s stellar performance of a song she wrote proclaiming her older sister the end-all-be-all role model.

Still, we all wait for signs of ghosts of Britney’s past to rear their bald little heads.

Things are going as expected during "The X Factor" filming, mastermind Simon Cowell is getting a ridiculous amount of press every time Spears has the audacity to stand up to go to the bathroom, while Lovato’s presence continues to be overwhelmed by the better-know blonde.

But everyone got headlines last week in Kansas City when they all walked off set due to a horrendously bad audition.

We can’t wait to see what goes down in San Francisco. Stay tuned for more mini dresses and bathroom breaks that are manipulated by the press as pending complete and total emotional breakdowns.