Can Brit's New Vegas Show Ever Top These?

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Can Brit's New Vegas Show Ever Top These?
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As Britney Spears gets closer to signing a deal for a five-year residency at a hotel in Vegas, her family is starting to panic.

Her dad Jamie, who might have to return as Britney’s conservator, is terrified she’ll fall back into her partying ways if she moves to Vegas for the residency.

“She has a bad track record there. This will be a bad temptation for her,” a source told FemaleFirst.

In anticipation of Britney’s upcoming Vegas stint, which could either be the greatest thing or the most disastrous thing we’ve ever seen, let’s reminisce on the good times with Britney’s 5 Best Vegas Performances over the years.

1)   2000 MTV VMA “Oops I Did It Again” – Britney tears off her clothes to reveal a nude body suit and does more dancing in one performance than I’ve seen her do in the past five years.

2)   2001 Billboard Music Awards @ Bellagio- “I'm A Slave For You “ – Britney performed on a stage built into the middle of the lake outside the Bellagio hotel in Vegas! She’s walking on water!

3)   2001 MTV VMA- "I'm a Slave for You" – Rain On the Stage! Rain on the stage and a snake around her neck! This performance is EVERYTHING!

4)   2003 MTV VMA- “Like a Virgin” with Madonna & Christina Aguilera – Three words: Three way kiss. DONE.

5)   2011 Billboard Music Awards MGM Grand with Rihanna “S&M” – Britney made an unannounced surprise appearance during Rihanna’s performance of “S&M” and since this was in the height of Britney’s post-meltdown loopy period, everyone was impressed she even showed up.

6)   BONUS: 2007 MTV VMA - “Gimme More” – As a bonus, here’s Brit’s worst performance in Vegas. It was almost like she was sleepwalking. Aww, Brit Brit, let’s forget this ever happened.