Britney Sold Her Own Pictures to OK!

January 18, 2008 By:
Britney Sold Her Own Pictures to OK!

There were reports circulating on the internet that Britney Spears was going to sue OK! magazine for publishing photos of her and her boys; but it looks like Britney is responsible for the publication of the "personal" photos.

"That's absolutely made up, there is no lawsuit," said the source. "In fact, Britney loves all of this. Look how gorgeous she looks."

The source went on to say, "She's a savvy fox. The week she loses her kids, these pictures that were taken months ago suddenly show up. It's brilliant. She knew what was going to happen (with that custody hearing) and how she'd fight back." Savvy fox? More like crazy fox.

The only person not happy about the pictures is her manager/handler Sam Lufti because he wanted to bank of the pictures himself. "He's been trying to sell pictures of Britney he took himself," said one source. "He's furious that he's been cut out of her life, which is why he calls and passes along 'information' every chance he gets."

I knew the story sounded fishy when I first heard it, Britney Spears can't even manage to put on pants much less go to court and sue a publication for photos. I'm convinced she breaks out in hives just by hearing the word 'court.'