Britney Sneaking Calls to Adnan and Sam Lutfi

February 24, 2009 By:
Britney Sneaking Calls to Adnan and Sam Lutfi

We’re starting to understand why Jamie Spears wants Britney to be as far away as possible from Adnan Ghalib and Sam Lutfi.

He took the stand yesterday and revealed that the dynamic duo had secretly sent Britney a pre-paid cell phone to use to call them. That goes in direct violation of Jamie Spears’ rules. He currently monitors all of Britney’s phone usage.

And it gets even better! A nanny for Britney Spears' boys is the one who ratted her out!

One morning she heard Brit chatting on the pre-paid phone to Adnan and Sam and told Jamie. Now we’re hearing the two are trying desperately to destroy the conservatorship Jamie has over Britney.

So now it makes sense that Jamie is trying to make that temporary restraining order a permanent one! If indeed this story is true, Adnan and Sam would be going in direct violation of the court order in place.

Poor Britney! She’s like a slave in her own home! But this seems like the only possible way for her to live, because like this shows, she’s too impressionable and still trusts Adnan and Sam, who are clearly bad for her!