Britney Reunited With Mother

January 29, 2008 By:
Britney Reunited With Mother

Reunited and it feels soooo good! Britney Spears was finally reunited with her estranged mother Lynne Spears last night.

A lot of drama went down last night so try to keep up. First Britney got into a huge fight with her 'pal' Sam Lutfi. She tried to phone Adnan to come pick her up but Sam had instructed the security guards at the gates not to let him in. The LAPD were called to Brit's gated community to resolve the issue, all the while Brit's parents arrived at her home.

Shortly after Britney was seen barefoot on the curb at her Summit home crying holding her dog London. When asked by photogs if she was okay the troubled star responded, "I'm fine. I'm sitting for once and having a nice time with my dog."

Britney then left the house with another photographer. Some time later she jumped out of the photogs car and jumped into Adnan's while he sped away at speeds up to 100MPH. At some point Adnan Ghalib got a flat tire and Britney eventually went back home.

At 1:30AM she was photographed again, but this time she was with her mother Lynne Spears, Sam Lutfi and mutual friend Chad Hardcastle visiting Longs Drugs. Brit left the store clutching a brown paper bag, I'm assuming it was filled with "vitamins" as she likes to call them. Now that Britney's parents are back in her life, lets hope they can convince her to get some much-needed help.