Britney Planning Her Own Engagement Party

July 6, 2011 By:
Britney Planning Her Own Engagement Party

If you build it, it will come. Britney Spears is ready to settle down and remarry. Since she started dating beau Jason Trawick life has been so great for her, she’s determined to lock this thing down and have it be official—which is why she’s kind of planning her own engagement party.

Britney is planning a huge 30th birthday bash this December, and if all goes well, she’s hoping it’ll end up being an engagement party too.

“Britney is excited about her 30th and what she expects might be a big change of life for her,” says a source close to the singer.

“She and Jason have talked a lot about the future and Britney sees turning 30 as the perfect time to settle down and get being a wife and a mother right this time. But before that she’s planning one huge last blow-out to see off her twenties.”

Planning your engagement party before your boyfriend proposes is totally normal. That’s not desperate, a tad psycho or weird at all. Maybe she can bring out the old school pink wig and wear it on the special night as well.

Britney probably just feels like she needs to get married to move on after the disaster that was K-Fed. Especially since her ex knocked up his girlfriend and there’s another K-Fed baby on the way. Seriously, that guy should open a sperm bank for his super sperm. That’s one way to stop smooching off of Brit.