Britney Ordered to Pay $500,000 In Legal Fees

January 30, 2008 By:
Britney Ordered to Pay $500,000 In Legal Fees

Britney's legal woes just got a whole lot worse. All those times she skipped out on scheduled depositions to go hang out with Adnan are creeping up on her and K-Fed's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan will be getting the last laugh.

Kaplan filed a motion asking that Britney Spears be held liable for $500,000 in court and legal fees.

Here's the breakdown: $100,000 of fees Kaplan will accumulate between now and the end of the custody trial, set for April (08) but he wants another $400,000 in fees dating back to July of 2007. That's a lot of cheddar yo!

In other Britney news, the pop wreck was spotted out and about last night in her new SLK 350 Mercedes Benz. Her new car must be lacking a navigation system because she got lost in the Hollywood Hills and asked a pap (in her British accent) to hop in the car and help her get home.
Some things never change!