Britney Is A-OK!

August 13, 2008 By:
Britney Is A-OK!

Britney has certainly come a long way in the past few years, mostly thanks to her father Jamie. The last time Brit sat down with OK! magazine, the publication had to down play what a mess she had become, but one year later, she's on top of her game again. Here are some tidbits from the new issue that hits newsstands today:

In regards to her boys following in her footsteps:

"I’d love them unconditionally if they wanted to," she explains. "I’d just as soon they have a more normal childhood."

In regards to her teenager sister Jamie Lynn getting pregnant:

"I was shocked a little bit. She’s always been the baby, and now the baby was having a baby. It was mind-boggling."

How her downward spiral ultimately helped to heal the bonds between her and her parents:

"God has a way of taking something bad and turning it into something good," explains her father Jamie. "If this hadn’t happened, I would never have been able to get back with my daughter and have this relationship I have with these two little boys."

Brit on her new album:

"I think it is more urban. I’m writing every day, right here at the piano in this living room... This is my best work ever."